3 Reasons to Visit Your Toyota Dealership for Service Appointments

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When you pull your new Toyota out of the dealership for the first time and dream about hitting the open road, service appointments are likely the last thing on your mind. However, in time, you'll need to have your oil changed, brakes replaced, and have other services performed to keep your vehicle running in perfect condition. When the time comes to book a service appointment, you have the option of returning to the dealership or visiting an independent garage in your city. The latter option might be desirable if there's a garage near your home or you're friends with a mechanic, but you should strongly consider visiting your Toyota dealership for this work. Here are some reasons to make this decision.

The Mechanics Are Specifically Trained to Work on Your Vehicle

One of the best reasons to book your service appointments at your Toyota dealership is that the mechanics are specifically trained to work on your make and model of vehicle. Typically, dealership mechanics will receive their training directly from the vehicle manufacturer, meaning that they have an intimate understanding on how to work on the vehicles they see. At an average garage, the mechanics may seen a variety of makes of vehicle throughout the day, which means that they could lack the specialization to tackle your car's work.

You May Not Have to Pay

In order to incentive customers to buy their vehicles, many dealerships offer promotions for people who buy new cars. For example, you might get your first few oil changes done for free. This promotion, of course, is only applicable if you get the work done at your licensed dealership. If you choose to have the work done at a different garage, you'll certainly need to pay at the conclusion of the service appointment. When you return to your dealership, it's a nice feeling to drive away without opening your wallet.

You Won't Void Your Warranty

When you buy a new vehicle, you must pay close attention to the details of the warranty. By returning to your dealership for your Toyota service appointments, there's less chance that you'll void the warranty. For example, the warranty may stipulate that you need to get your oil changed every certain number of miles. Many dealerships will call or email you to remind you of this fact so that you can book an appointment. Other garages won't do so, which means that you might inadvertently wait too long between oil changes and risk voiding your warranty.


9 March 2017

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