3 Reasons Not To Ask A Good Samaritan For A Jump

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It's something that happens to almost anyone who drives regularly. You step out into the parking lot, only to discover that your car stubbornly refuses to turn over. If all you can hear is your engine weakly attempting to start, there's a good chance you've got a dead battery to handle. No big deal, right? As long as you've got some jumper cables, you can just find someone to lend a quick helping hand!

Unfortunately, asking strangers in a parking lot for a quick jump may not be the slamdunk that it seems at first glance. Before relying on the kindness of strangers next time you need a boost, consider these three reasons why calling for a jumpstart from a professional service is usually the better option.

1. Compatibility Is an Issue

No, you don't need to worry about your romantic compatibility with the first helper you can find. However, you need to consider how well your vehicles will get along. Not all charging systems are the same, and battery sizes vary substantially between cars. If you've owned both small sedans and large SUVs in the past, you know that there's a big price difference in batteries between them.

Unless you find someone with an identical vehicle, you can't know for sure if their charging system will supply the juice you need. You can strain your helper's alternator or even potentially damage your vehicle. A jumpstart service will use a battery charger, ensuring your battery charges quickly, safely, and reliably.

2. Your Battery Might Be Toast

If you can't start a car, you know your battery is dead. However, car batteries aren't like the batteries you find in your phone or other rechargeable devices. Automotive batteries are starting batteries, which means manufacturers design them to provide one quick jolt of power. Starting batteries can't survive deep discharges, and running out of juice can cause significant internal damage.

Trying to jumpstart a battery with this kind of damage won't do much to help. In a worst-case scenario, you might get your car started, only for it to die while you're trying to drive home. When you call for a jumpstart, the technician that shows up will test your battery to ensure that it can hold a charge. If it's genuinely toasted, they can warn you and help you avoid a frustrating breakdown.

3. Your Electronics Will Hate You

All those fancy electronics in your car require clean, consistent power. A jump from another vehicle can cause tremendous damage, much of which you might not even notice immediately. Unfortunately, those electronics can also be some of the most expensive parts of a modern car, turning a relatively cheap battery problem into a costly disaster.

While you might be able to avoid some of these problems by carefully following the advice in your owner's manual, it's usually safer to rely on a professional experienced in jumpstart services with proper charging equipment. The added cost is worth avoiding far more severe damage.


14 March 2022

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