What Type Of Auto Repair Shop Should You Go To?

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If your vehicle is in need of some type of repair, you have options as to where you take it to be fixed. If the auto is still under warranty you may feel it is necessary to take it to a dealership. This is not always the case. If the car is more than a year or so old, you can have the work done where you choose and it will still be covered by the warranty. So, you can decide where to have the repairs done. Here are a few tips to help you make the right decision when looking for an auto repair shop.


If the car is new, OEM parts may only be available at the dealership. This is one reason to go there. Once the car is older and parts are available everywhere, you don't have to worry about this. However, there are other reasons to have the car worked on where you bought it. An important consideration is the fact that the work will be done by mechanics certified by the manufacturer. There may be differences or new parts that other mechanics have not worked with before.

Chain Shops

Large, corporate, auto repair facilities are usually the ones who will get newer model OEM parts after the dealers. They often offer special deals on different repairs or maintenance jobs. You may be able to have the repair done at a great price when they run specials. In addition, you can have regular maintenance done at these shops for a good price and keep the warranty intact.

Independent Shops

While you may not be able to get OEM parts for newer cars at an independent shop, you can often get aftermarket parts that will work even better than original parts. In addition, because you can talk with the owner of the shop, you may be able to negotiate a lower price. Ask about having a maintenance service plan to get a great price on any routine maintenance the vehicle requires. As an added bonus, when working with an independent shop you can ask to have the same mechanic work on your car all the time. This person will become familiar with your vehicle and be able to point out potential problems before they happen.

You can take your car anywhere you want to have it worked on. Your insurance company cannot tell you otherwise nor can your warranty. You decide what you are most comfortable with and you won't go wrong.


30 May 2017

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