3 Signs That You Should Choose A Mobile Mechanic When You Own Your Semi-Truck

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If you are the owner and operator of your semi-truck, then you have to worry about things that some truckers do not have to worry about. For example, while truckers who work for a trucking company can leave repair and maintenance issues up to the company that they work for, this is something that you have to figure out on your own. In many cases, you might just go to a regular diesel mechanic in your area to have repairs done on your truck. In others, however, you may find that using a mobile diesel mechanic service that will come to you is a better choice. These are three of the situations in which this type of service can be especially useful for someone who owns their own truck.

1. You're on the Side of the Road (With a Load)

One of the worst things that can happen to a trucker is finding himself or herself on the side of the road in the middle of hauling a load. Big trucking companies can often send out another truck to handle the load, but this is obviously not the case when you're an owner-operator. In this type of situation, hiring a mobile service that will come out and repair your truck can be a good way to get back on the road as soon as possible so that you can get your load where it needs to be.

2. Your Truck is in Poor Condition

If there is something seriously wrong with your truck, it's probably not a good idea to drive it to a mechanic's shop. Depending on what might be wrong with it, this could be dangerous, or it could cause more serious damage, but a mobile service can repair your truck without you having to drive it.

3. You're Short on Time

As someone who works for yourself, you might always be busy running your business. You might also always be on the road whenever possible, meaning that you don't have much time to spend at home with your family in-between runs. If you're short on time, the last thing that you probably want to do is spend  a ton of time at a mechanic's shop, waiting for your truck to be repaired. With a mobile service, like Permian Repair, someone can come to you to take care of repairs so that you can focus on spending your spare time on other things.


8 July 2017

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