4 Tips To Help With Maintenance And Repairs To New Modern Engines

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You have probably heard of direct injection engines but may be confused as to what the engine does. It is a specially designed motor that uses efficient direct injection and other features to power the engine like cylinder shutdown to reduce fuel consumption. What does this mean for you, the truck's owner? It means that there are going to be specific maintenance needs. The following tips will help with the maintenance needs of your new direct injection motor:

1. Routine Fluid Checks and Checking Your Engine for Leaks

Just like any other engine, you will want to check the fluid modern engines regularly. This is even more important because of the complicated designs and materials used in modern engines. Modern alloys used for engine blocks are vulnerable to the friction and overheating that is produced by low oil and fluid levels, which can lead to warped parts and serious engine problems. 

2. Regularly Changing the Oil to Ensure Good Lubrication

It is important that you regularly have the oil of your engine changed to reduce problems with engine wear and tear. At the least, you will want to follow the manufacturers recommended service schedule for oil changes and other maintenance. It may not hurt to have the oil changed more frequently to ensure your engine has less wear and needs fewer repairs.

3. Changing the Timing Belt to Reduce Wear and Prevent Engine Damage

Today, engines use timing belts instead of chains, which makes the engine quieter, but also means that the belt is eventually going to wear out. Therefore, it is recommended to have the timing or serpentine belt replaced when your truck begins to have significant mileage. Make sure that you have the belts changed before you notice any signs of significant wear or damage.

4. Have A Diagnostics Test Done to Catch Problems Before They Get Serious

You are also going to want to have an occasional diagnostics test done to the engine of your truck. This can be done with modern ODB (On-Board Diagnostics) which are systems that are used to test and diagnose problems using your truck's computer control module. Having diagnostics done will ensure problems are caught and fixed before they lead to serious damage.

These are some tips to help with the maintenance needs of your modern direct injection motor. If you need parts for maintenance and repairs, contact your truck equipment and parts dealer to get everything you need. 


19 April 2019

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